Monday, October 27, 2014

4 Inch Wet Diamond Polishing Pads

Wet polishing is necessary for polishing of granite concrete marble glass stones travertine. For this purpose the 4 inch wet diamond polishing pads are manufactured and offered by top brands such as STADEA. The 4 inch diamond polishing pads are manufactured such that they can be used with wet polishers or grinders or floor polishers. However a constant flow of water is needed for this process.

These are largely known for polishing stone concrete in wet conditions, having water. As a result of such wet polish, the polished stones or surfaces are offered with high levels of shining and due to water stone surfaces are not overheating during the polishing process. This is beneficial more because overheating is capable of damaging the surfaces made from stones or concrete. Hence polishing processes need to avoid overheating and it is for this reason that the 4 inch wet diamond polishing pads are extremely popular.

The 4 inch diamond polishing pads discs are manufactured by companies based on diamond powder of high quality. Several grits are used that are either saturated in resin or bonded with metal. The bonding is important as the life span or durability of the polishing pads is determined by this bonding. The pads that are made for concrete granite glass stone marble travertine generally comprise of grits that are typically 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, 6000, 10000 and buff grits.
When the diamond pads are used in concrete marble glass granite travertine, 2000 RPM is the best choice for the pads to work most effectively. However, depending on the material and the hardness of the stone or concrete, the pads may function well on other RPMs as well. The disc sets generally comprise of 5 or 7 or 8 polishing pads.

Wet diamond granite marble concrete polishing pads kit set makes diamond polishing pads available for marble concrete polishing with the kit including all essentials required for the processes. The sets come in various sizes and shapes. The 4 inch size of the diamond polishing pads is considered as optimal since it provides a fine finish to the surface being polished and covers the area well while polishing.

Of all brands, STADEA is one of the most popular and preferred brand for the 4 inch diamond polishing pads. Professionals mostly use the pads manufactured by STADEA. The brand offers the product in varying quality and both in singles as well as in disc sets, and kits. Popular choices include STADEA Series Standard and Super as these are more durable, effectively and provide value for money. Stone glass wet polishing is also well served by STADEA offers Series Standard, Series Super, and Series Ultra wet polishing pads.

The products are readily available online on various shopping portals sites at high offers and discounts. The prices are reasonable, usually ranging from $4 to $200, depending on the choice of the single pads or kits or disc sets. To know more about these pads you can browse the online websites right away.

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