Sunday, December 7, 2014

Diamond Hole Saw Core Bit : 4" or 102 MM

Concrete Diamond Core Bits - 4" Diamond Hole Saw

Diamond is the hardest material on the earth; it is much more harder than corundum and silicon carbide. It has high strength,a low friction coefficient, and good wear resistance. Diamond Core Drill Bit is a cylindrical shaped tool utilized for clean and fast circular shaped cutting and removal the material in varied size. Small size of core bit uses for pipeorsink / faucets hole drilling.Big size of core bit is used for plunge cutting out materials of concrete. 

A Hole cutter is also called as a Hole saw, and it is a saw blade of ringed shape, whose annular kerf creates a hole in the work piece without having to cut the core material and it is used in a drill. The truth that a Hole saw makes the hole without needing to cut the core frequently makes it preferable to twist or spade drills for relatively large holes particularly those larger than 25 MM. The same hole can be made quicker and using less power. Buy online concrete diamond core bitsconcrete diamond hole saw.

Diamond masonry hole saw or diamond core drill bit by Stadea, professional grade dry or wet hole saw for stone,Concrete drilling/coring, masonry, granite, tile, marble drilling or coring, granite tile, ceramic tiles, marble tile drilling/coring, travertine terrazzo porcelain tile artificial and natural stone coring drilling. 1 1/4" inch wet or dry masonry concrete diamond hole saw core drill bits with 9 mm segment height, 16 mm segment width, 3 mm segment thickness, 4" Height with arbour 5/8" 11. The above concrete granite marble masonry stone tile diamond core drill bit hole saw is aggressive,durable, sharp and makes clean crisp circular holes.

Product Detailed Description
  • professional grade 1 1/4" diamond hole saw core drill bits
  •  It uses dry wet drilling or coring for perfect cut on concrete masonry concrete marble tile stones etc.
  • Core bit diamond section width 16 mm,  height 9 MM, thickness 3 mm
  • It works great for granite,ceramic tile, concrete,marble, marble tile, granite Tile, travertine, porcelain tile, terrazzo,artificial and natural stones coring drilling
  • diamond hole saw or diamond core drill bit  Max RPM 900, arbour 5/8" 11 female
  • durableand Aggressive made with quality diamond powder for perfect holes
The above listing is for one piece STADEA Wet or Dry Diamond core drill bit / diamond hole saw.
Diamond hole saws are also called as diamond core drill bitsand areused to drill thru Concrete, Porcelain tile, Marble, Granite, Marble Tile, Granite Tile, Terrazzo, Travertine,and Ceramic Tile, artificial and natural stones. STADEA Diamond core drill bit/ diamond hole saw works with/ without water. Core drill bits sectionscuts through surfaces in a circle and creates a hole. STADEA diamond hole saw or Diamond core drill bit are available in multiple incremental sizes beginning with 20 mm (3/4") to 102 mm (4").

STADEA providesaccessories like power tools, industrial diamond tools, and broad range of tools. STADEA wet dry polishing pads;cup wheels, diamond hole saw core drill bits, diamond hand polishing pads, diamond profile wheels, tuck point blades, router bits, diamond saw blades etc. are aggressive, durable and used in many natural stone fabrication shops, artificial stone manufacturing shops globally.STADEA is registered trademark ofePortal LLC, Santa Clara CA.

Price: $41.99
Retail: $56.99


  1. Nice One! The finish was very impressive and very sharp. A finer Cup Wheel Grinder with sharp abrasive grains is always better than a coarser grit wheel with dull abrasives grains. It is absolutely possible to make high precision cuts with perfect control. Thanks For sharing.

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