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Granite Countertop Dry Polishing Kit

Dry Granite Countertop Polishing Kit

Granite has many applications and making countertops out of it is one of them. The material is durable, solid and can give a mirror like shine under the use of appropriate tools. STADEA has attained a good will in the market of diamond based cutting and grinding tools as they offer durable polishing pads that works very well on Granite and other stones. The evenly distributed grit size is responsible for the ultimate shining results these pads can deliver and the compact 4 inch size is easy to handle.

This granite polishing kit contains 12 dry polishing pads and a backing pad which can be used with any variable speedgrinders. This independence of using wide range of grinders with this product is gained with the help of 5/8 inch arbor having 11 threads. The use of appropriate grit size is the key to get an amazing shine as the final product and the distribution of grit size among these pads delivers the same.The set has higher number of lower grit pads they are consume more. An additional backing pad is present in the kit to attach the polishing pads to variable speed grinder. Buy online dry granite countertop polishing kit4 inch granite polishing kit.

4 inch Granite Polishing Kit

This granite countertop polishing kit also has lower grit sizes in the pads making it ideal for stone polishing. The compact size of 4 inch can be handled very easily and provides a wobble free experience. The STADEA products bear durable and aggressive cutting abilities and the dry polishing technique delivers the same. The advantage of dry polishing over wet polishing is that there is no watery mess to take care of after the job is done though protection gear is to be used. One needs to use masks to avoid the dust generated during dry polishing.

The trick is to start from the lowest grit size and make sure that the whole surface gets the touch of the polisher. The next step is to gradually move to the higher grit size and never skip a grit size in between of the process. The failure of this process can be seen in the form of scratches or uneven smoothness on the surface. This dry granite countertop polishing kit can be used at an optimum speed of 1800 rotations per minute and the maximum speed is 3000 rotations per minute. The process of dry polishing at such high speeds with the evenly distributed grit sizes can easily deliver a mirror like finish and a price tag of just $139.99 is like a cherry on the top. These pads can also be used on marble, concrete, tiles, terrazzo and travertine.

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