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The 6 inch Diamonds Polishing Pads Set

6" Diamonds Polishing Pads Set

It doesn't matter how beautifully a contour is made or how accurately a table top was cut until and unless it gets polished. There are various polishing techniques and all of them are equally popular depending upon the area of implementation. The diamond coated polishing pads really bring out the shine whether it is marble or granite. There are many compact pads available in the market but sometimes you need to put down the needle and draw a sword. There might be instances when large but flexible polishing pads might be required and the 6 inch diamond polishing pads by STADEA are just right for the job.

6" Diamond Polishing Pads

The fact that large size polishing pads are necessary as the compact ones are but this doesn’t account for the lack of flexibility. The ability of any polishing to be flexible and be able to work even on uneven surfaces and contours is as important as its size. The 6 inch granite diamond polishing pads by STADEA are around 2.2 mm in thickness which considering the overall size is quite slim. The support of Velcro backing adds up to the flexibility of these diamond polishing pads as well.
Buy Online 6" diamond polishing pads5" diamond polishing pads for granite

Now a brand name speaks for itself and with a brand like STADEA there is no doubt regarding the durability and cutting edge performance of the products. There are certain things that are quite necessary to determine the performance of polishing pads whether they aid dry polishing or wet polishing. These factors are very useful if one decides to buy the polishing pads for marble and granite over the internet. Some of these performance determining factors are the grit size they are having and the speed at which the pads will be brushing up the surfaces. The speed and grit size both of them are responsible for providing a mirror like finish to the product as the final result.
When it comes to wet polishing technique then the issues of slow speeds are not a concern but it is still a good practice to check for the rating on the product. There can be some serious consequences if the polishing pads are used at higher speeds than the rated numbers. These granite polishing pads happily aid wet polishing and have an optimum working speed of 2200 rotations per minute which can be pushed to 4500 rotations per minute. The grit size is the next big thing and the grit size on these pads ranges from 50 to 3000.

A trustworthy brand like STADEA wishes that the customers always get the best products for every single penny they spend and the set of 7 pads of 6 inch size along with a Velcro backing states just the same. This product might be out of stock on some online shopping websites which is due to the extending popularity these pads are gaining among potential customers. A total of 7 bigsized polishing pads that too at a very reasonable price tag is a deal that just cannot be missed.

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