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4 inch Wet and Dry Diamond Polishing Set

4" inch Wet/Dry Set of 11+1 Backer Pad Best Value Granite Concrete

The 4 inch diamond polishing set has huge advantage over every other diamond padsproducts available in the market. The reason is the dual nature of the granite polishing pads by STADEA which aids wet as well as dry polishing techniques and availabe in the set of different grit sizes. These days the polishing pads supporting wet as well as dry polishing are getting quite popular as the buyer don’t have to invest in two different pads. The compact size is also appreciated when small area or edges are needed to be polished.

Granite Concrete Diamond Polishing Pads

It is the new trend these days to buy polishing pads as a whole set rather than buying pads individually which in turn saves a lot of money. The pads in the set can bear similar grit size or each and every one of them can be of different size but this doesn’t puts up a question on the versatility of the granite polishing pads. The two ways in which the grit size is being distributed has their own preference according to the need of the job. Now a total of 9 pads of 4 inch size each are packed in the set along with a hook and a loop backing pad  which comes with 5/8” 11 arbor. Buy Online 4 inch diamond polishing pads Set & 4 inch marble diamond polishing pads set

The arbor present in the Velcro backing pad holds had5/8” 11 threaded arbor that fits into standard polishers or variable speed grinder and is versatile just like the grit size and supports polishers of various sizes. Let us take a quick look at the grit size distribution among the 11 pads. The grit size 50, 100 and 200 are divided in around 6 pads while single pads are supporting the grit size 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and 6000. The wide range of grit size that is from size 50 to 6000 ensures the mirror like finish that most of the pads don’t provide easily.

The wet polishing technique has its own advantages the most important of them all is the absence of dust. There is no dust generated during the polishing process as a constant yet controlled water supply. This granite concrete diamond polishing pads set by STADEA is durable and provides aggressive cutting abilities. These pads are versatile in every single parameter and can easily be used on marbles, granite and concrete. The diamond polishing pads of 4 inch size supporting wet and dry polishing are compact enough to fit even in small places.

So it is the far off edges or flat surfaces that always needed some polishing, everything can be easily done with the handy set of polishing pads. The distribution of the grit size if used properly for concrete and granite polishing can bring the mirror like shine to every surface. The set of 11 pads along with a Velcro based backing pad at just $45.99 is something that cannot be missed.

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