Sunday, December 7, 2014

Diamond Profile Grinding Wheels Bits

Diamond profile grinding wheels bits - bevel E40 1 1/2" Marble Stone Granite Profile Edges 

There are many instances where the use of diamond based cutting and grinding tools have excelled in the job performed. The reason behind this brilliance is the fact that diamond is toughest material known to men. The profile grinding wheels by STADEA bears the same performance oriented parameters. They aid wet and dry polishing techniques and are ideal for shaping up contours, table tops and marble surfaces. This product fulfills essential features to ensure perfect stone shaping results.  The profilers are available in many shapes like full bull nose, half bull nose, bevel and ogee. This profile grinding wheel by STADEA is bevel shaped with 1 ½ inches of bevel which is around 40 mm in height. The arbor present on this hand profiler is of 5/8 inches with 11 threads.

So it is possible for the users to use this product with grinder with 5/8” 11 male arbor. The versatile and flexible nature of this diamond profile bevel wheel makes it the ultimate choice of the users. It is an ideal product to be used on counter tops, table tops, contours, and granite surfaces. The support for wet grindingtechnique enables the desired shape of stone surfaces. Buy online profile grinding wheelsdiamond radius profile wheel

The product by STADEA has pretty decent durability and aggressive cutting capabilities. These grinding wheels are no different and with the vacuum brazed technology grinding is always be on the side of perfection. An optimum speed of 1500 rotations per minute can be attained for dry polishing and a maximum speed of 3000 rotations per minute can be achieved while using wet polishing technique. The vacuum brazed parts depict a bond which is very durable and cuts sharp. The control wheel present at the top of the profiler delivers easy longitudinal and latitudinal motion to get that ultimate shine without any difficulty. It also makes this profile grinding wheel more flexible and provides control over the parameters like depth and width while polishing stones like marbles.

The durability didn’t mess up with the looks of this diamond bevel profile wheel, the grinder looks sleek but provides sharp and accurate cuts and at a price tag $194.99 it just cannot be ignored.
It has a great appeal along with the perfect performance oriented parameters that makes it great to be used in kitchens for contours and table tops. The provision of water inlet for wet polishing increases the ease with which it can bring amazing shine over surfaces like marble, tiles, granites, travertine and terrazzo.

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