Thursday, November 13, 2014

Diamond Hand Pads for Concrete and Glass by Stadea!

Stadea Diamond Hand Pads for Polishing Concrete and Glass

If you work with floors and hard surfaces at other places, you know the importance of diamond pads to clean and polish these surfaces. While it is easy to polish floors as they are flat and can be easily polished by attaching a diamond pad on a grinder, it is places that are hard to reach that make your job difficult. Thankfully, there are available diamond hand pads for concrete and diamond hand pads for glass that can easily solve your problem of polishing such surfaces. There are many companies making these hand pads but one of the best quality and efficacy hand pads are Stadea diamond hand pads for concrete glass marble polishing

Easy to use Stadea diamond hand pads for polishing concrete and glass

When you are desirous of polishing concrete or glass surfaces in your home that are not flat or they are hard to reach, diamond hand pads for glass come handy. These pads are not powered by any outside power source and you need to scrub the surface using your own hands. If you are nervous that you may harm yourself with the abrasive and aggressive diamond hand pads made by Stadea, forget it. These sanding blocks are designed in such a manner that you can never hurt your hands or fingers when using them on a glass or concrete surfaces; however you need to wear safety gloves while using. Also, these pads are so effective that you will not be required to give a deep thrust when polishing glass or concrete. In fact, you will be surprised how quickly and efficiently your glass and concrete become polished and start to give a mirror like finish, you need to follow the instructions and use these pads as recommended.

The process of polishing a surface with diamond hand pads

Before starting the polishing work, make sure that you have got your hands and eyes covered. Wear eye glasses and gloves before gripping the stone. Spray a little quantity of water over the surface and then start to polish. Start with a pad of grit 50 from this set. This set of hand polishing from Stadea contains 7 pads with varying grit. Always maintain a clockwise motion when using these hand pads. Move to higher grit when you are satisfied that it has achieved same level of smoothness. If you are not getting the desired same level of smoothness, you may have move to a pad with lower grit.
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Keep your hard surfaces shining like new with this set of diamond hand pad

This set of hand polishing pads from Stadea is available at a price of just $59.99. There is one piece each of different grit size in this set that starts with grit 50. The pads are made using diamond powder that has been impregnated with resin. You can achieve mirror like finish in your glass and concrete surfaces at home using these pads.. Be patient and you will see your old glass and concrete surface coming to life within with use of Stadea wet concrete polishing.  Do not forget to sprinkle water before using this hand pad.
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