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The 4 inch and 6 inch dry diamond polishing pads leave no mess

4 inch Dry Diamond Polishing pads & 6" Granite Diamond Polishing Pads

The 4 inch and 6 inch dry diamond polishing pads leave no mess
The diamond cutting tools are quite popular among the potential users and when it comes to diamond polishing pads, they are known to an even wider audience. The polishing pad are very useful in bringing shine to a freshly cut piece of granite, marble and other similar materials but can also be used to re-polish older stones. There are generally two kinds of diamond polishing pads, the wet ones and the dry ones. The primary difference between the two is the fact that water needs to be present while the wet diamond polishing pads are used but no such resources are needed with the dry diamond polishing pads. There are many amazing sets of 4 inch and 6 inch dry diamond polishing pads available in the market which can be used.

Great powers brings great responsibility

Many people prefer wet diamond polishing pads as they are able to do the job at very high speed as compared to the dry diamond polishing pads. Water dissipates heat quick but they produce the watery mess which might not be desirable in specific situation. Thus the dry diamond polishing pads are used in places where there is no allowance for the watery substance produced. This is achieved at the cost of little higher price for dry polishing pads which can dissipate heat more effectively without water or other coolant and generally operates at slower working speeds. However the polishing results are almost identical.

The workaround
The dry diamond polishing pads are generally used for materials like marble, granite and concrete but these pads have found many more applications too, polishing the glass, travertine and terrazzo being few of them. There is no doubt, in fact the dry polishing pads operate at slower rpm as compared to the wet polishing pads.The 4" dry diamond polishing pads by Stadea can be used for very effective dry polishing pushing the efficiency a little further. It is accomplished with the superior hexagonal shape of the pads ensuring improved heat dissipation and hence more work can be done in the same duration.

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Something for everyone
The dry diamond polishing pads are available in many sizes but 4 and 6 inch pads are the ideal ones as they are easy to work with no matter what stone they are being used at. A dry diamond polishing pads set having 7 pads of 4 inch size made of superior quality is easily available at a price tag of $56.99. There are many people that tend to work on bigger than normal surfaces and thus the 6 inch pads are the best for them. The price tag of $69.99 can buy a set of polishing pads having 7 diamond polishing pads that are able to deliver the grit size from 50 to 3000. These pads also Velcro backed with the height of around 2.2MM making them ideal to be used with marble, granite, concrete and other stones too.

The compatibility
These pads being produced by Stadea are compatible with the standard grinding machines and their high built quality ensures trouble free work environment. There is no need to worry about the watery mess as there is no water required for the proper use of dry pads and the hexagonal design will make sure the pads doesn’t heats much easily, encouraging efficient results.

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