Sunday, December 7, 2014

Buy Dry Diamond Polishing Sanding Pads by STADEA

STADEA 4" Dry Diamond Polishing Sanding Pads Discs Granite Marble Concrete Glass

There is no doubt that the polishing kits available in the market are budget friendly products but there are many situations where there is a need to buy individual pads. The simple reason is that the pad with lower grit size is needed more as more work involved in lower grit in most of the typical projects. It is also noticed that the individual pads have various grit sizes as compared to the fixed range present in the polishing kits. The dry diamond polishing pads by STADEA have a grit size that varies over a scale of 30 to 8000 and delivers ultimate shining results.

The advantage of individual dry concrete polishing pads is that the user can purchase pads of various grit sizes which cannot be done with the set of polishing pads. The set or kit always has a fixed number of pads with a particular grit size which cannot be altered. So purchasing the pads individually can be a clever decision.

Dry diamond polishing pads for concrete

When a pad with specific grit size gets degraded purchasing individual pads can be the only solution to the problem. The pads have resin bonded diamond on them and are offered by STADEA which is known for its durable and performance oriented products. These dry concrete polishing pads aid dry polishing technique which has many advantages over other polishing techniques. The main advantage is that there is no need to supply water during polishing sono watery mess is left behind after the job is finished. Of course with great powers comes great responsibility and in this case dust has taken the place of watery mess.

 So it is advised to wear protection gear while using these pads to protect the eyes and nose form the dust of the material.It is believed that the dry polishing pads cannot be used at higher rotations than the wet polishing pads. These pads are having an optimum speed of 1800 rotations per minute and can attain a maximum speed of 3000 rotations per minute. If proper grit size is accompanied with steady hands then the final result is outstanding. Buy Online dry diamond polishing pads for concretedry granite polishing pads set. 

The pads are 4 inch in size and 1.2 mm in thicknesswith Velcro backing which makes them more flexible and easy to use over even as well as uneven surfaces.The compact size makes it easier to use these pads on contours. These pads can be used with various grinders and are specially designed to be used on stones and concrete surfaces. The grit size ranges from size 30 to 8000 and this product is available at a reasonable price tag of $5.69 plus free shipping. These polishing pads can be purchased in a set of 5 to 100 pads with custom grit sizes. The use of protection gear during dry polishing is advised and the rated speed limit should not be exceeded with the dry polishing pads. So it will be clever to use these dry diamond polishing pads for concrete with slow speed grinders.

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